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The very name means “a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together.” We are the binding knowledge partners for any construction project, be it residential, commercial, hospitality, roads, ports, industrial, etc. Our inputs help Developers bridge the gap between theoretical and practical aspects of executing any construction project. Our expertise lies in analyzing and providing value engineering inputs which makes the development more efficient, agile, and competent.

We take pride in saying that, we have helped fulfill multiple dreams by having played an instrumental part for the successful completion of multiple projects.

Why Keystone

Today, construction industry is the fastest growing sector, but the whole scenario is very much haphazard and utterly disorganized. Promoters are often all at sea, while facing the innumerable nagging problems that hamper the speed of the work and also give unrest to their minds.

Our team of expert engineers has vast knowledge in multiple facets of the Construction Industry and is highly capable to understand the nuances of various Construction activities. They are highly trained and updated with the latest in construction echnology. Our timely inputs, before & during construction, has saved Promoters from surprises during the execution of projects, making their plans into tangible realty.

Our Services

Detail Quantities of a Project

Keystone provide detail quantity estimate for any type of project such as Residential, Commercial & industrial projects. In this Keystone provide the quantities in various manners such as Building wise, Floor wise, Item wise etc.

Detail Material Requirement

Keystone provide you Chart of a detail material required for a project such as Building Material (Cement, Sand, Metal, and Reinforcement), Electrical Material, Plumbing Material and other Finishing material. We Provide stage wise material requirement details like (Requirement of material up to plinth, 1st floor, and 2nd floor..etc.) Keystone also provides Item wise material Requirement (Requirement of material for Item like RCC, BBM, Plaster and flooring etc)

Bar Bending Schedule (BBS)

Keystone provide detailed Dia wise Reinforcement quantities including Chair, Pins, Hooks and Spacers. Keystone provide Bar Bending and cutting length with sketches for all Items such as footing, columns, beams, slabs, lintel, Chajjas, lift etc. Keystone also provide structural steel quantities for industrial and commercial projects.

Rate Analysis

Keystone provide detail Rate Analysis of all the items using current market rates of Materials.

Customized Reports

Keystone provide you all measurement sheets, Item wise & Floor wise Sheets, abstract, Pie - Chart, Built - up Area wise break - up, also provide customize report Formats.


Keystone provide detailed Audit of the projects using estimated and actual quantities with crosscheck on material purchased, labor used.Reconciliation is possible for stage wise as well as completion of project.


Detail Billing of Project

BOQ for Tender

Keystone provide you BOQ of Tender with detailed specification with material make and procedure to follow the items. Keystone also give suggestion for how to fill up the tender.


Cost-Control Framework

Ensures a uniform cost-control framework throughout the various stages of project Development.

Financial Management

With the requirements known in advance, funds can be allocated as per the requirement of the materials at a given point of time.

Establishing an initial project baseline

With the knowledge of quantities & cost estimation the client can have a concrete foundation for his project.

Increased Productivity

You can manage more jobs for your company without increasing manpower. It will help in expanding your business by acquiring more jobs and having the time to manage them efficiently.

Enhanced Efficiency

Correct quantities can be obtained from highly-qualified professionals. The time saved can, thus, be used in other activities for ongoing projects.

Resource Management

Quantities are calculated by the professionals item-wise, floor wise & project wise, so that resources can be managed as per your requirements to avoid wastage.

Man-Power Management

Avoid the full-time services of a Quantity Surveyor as you can use your engineers for execution of projects.

Accurate & Timely Bids

Due to availability of accurate quantities and estimates, Infrastructure Developers can bid for all tenders on time. With proper knowledge of the exact quantities and estimates of all the items involved in the project, you can quote accurate bids and will not cause any undesired losses to your company. Therefore, you will not miss any bid or important project which you desire to undertake.

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